Find your inspiration for the extraordinary,
with a tasty side of balance.

Get a fresh take on the tired morning show with The Balancing Act. Swift will be there helping inspire you with unexpected new flavors, pairings, and cooking techniques. Check out the segments below and stay tuned for new and extraordinary appearances on the show.

Cheek Meat Tacos from Swift Meats

Grillin with Dad’s Maciek Zurawski and Chef Ralph Pagano swap recipes for Swift Beef Cheeks. Maciek loves to shred beef cheek for tacos, while Chef Pagano likes to sear the cheeks for an easy and delicious pot roast.

Roasting Up an Easter Meal

Chef Ralph Pagano makes an inspired holiday meal for the whole family. Using a Swift sirloin roast paired with Dutch potatoes and braised carrots, you too can roast up an extraordinary dish that will keep them coming back for seconds.

March Madness Menu

Get your team together for any game-watching party with this amazing quesadilla idea. Chef Ralph Pagano makes this fun, easy and delicious app using a Swift beef tri-tip roast. Also, learn how to make yummy marrow bones. The best part? It’s “nearly foolproof.”

Healthy Beef Recipes for the New Year

Chef Ralph Pagano checks in with Olga Villaverde to ring in the new year with a healthy beef recipe. Learn how to make a lean Swift chuck eye roast with a savory bone marrow broth. Good stuff any time of year, really.

Beef Strip Loin Roast Recipe for The Holidays

Learn how to make a savory holiday meal with Swift. Grillin’ with Dad’s Maciek Zurawski shows you how to roast a Swift strip loin, then finish it in the broiler for a mouthwatering garlic and herb crust. The finishing touch? Delicious bone broth gravy.

Date Night Dinner Ideas

Discover how to make an extraordinary dinner for two. It’s date night and Grillin with Dad’s Maciek Zurawski is pairing two tender and juicy Swift filet mignons with potatoes and asparagus. This is one you’ll want to watch again.