When the Competition Heats up on Food Network,
They choose us from the cooler.

From racing around the grocery store to serving up dishes for the chopping block, Swift is there to inspire America’s leading chefs to make something extraordinary. Get up to speed with these segments and flavorful meal ideas – and look for us in upcoming episodes.

Flat Iron Steakhouse Salad

Nothing goes better with a juicy steak than a crispy wedge salad. Start with a generously seasoned Swift Meats Flat Iron Steak and combine the two to create the ultimate weeknight treat.

Southern Inspired Pork Loin

Transport your taste buds to the deep South with this Swift Boneless Pork Loin smothered in a creamy handmade bacon sauce with a savory side of stewed leafy greens. Watch how it’s done.

Grilling on the Edge

Watch as four chefs with a talent for live-fire cooking bring their passion to the Chopped kitchen. With a delicious Swift Pork Loin, anything is possible. But nothing is ever easy on Chopped.