Our Story

At Swift we are passionate about producing a quality veal product that is ethically raised and supported by extensive regulations for animal welfare and handling, traceability, and food safety.

Swift Veal is proudly sourced from the Netherlands, renowned for the safest veal in the world. Our commitment to animal welfare forms the basis for the high quality of our products.

Calves in our program live in groups of around 10 animals in sheltered and temperate housing. The farmers monitor and maintain feeding logs, never administering growth hormones, allowing our calves to grow naturally. Never tethered, each calf has the freedom to wander around, play, sleep, eat or ruminate as it likes.

The stalls are spacious, light and airy. The calves are fed calf milk supplemented with roughage. Providing a generous amount of roughage makes an important contribution to improving animal welfare. Chopped straw is also processed in the roughage which contributes to improved digestion and distraction.


Swift Veal Products

Swift Veal stands for premium quality, tenderness and exquisite taste.

Veal also presents many health benefits being a lean meat, low in sodium and low in cholesterol. Veal is also rich in vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin D, protein and iron.

Veal Leg Cutlet

Leg cutlets are thin slices from the leg, which are great for Scallopini, Schnitzel or Milanese.

Veal Leg Cutlet Nutrition Facts
Veal Loin Chop

The Loin Chop is tender, needing a short cook time. Grilling the loin chop and serving with a light sauce is a great way to enjoy this cut.

Veal Loin Chop Nutrition Facts
Veal Osso Buco

Osso buco comes from the shank and are popular in rich, flavorful slow cooked or braised dishes such as Traditional Osso Buco.

Veal Osso Buco Nutrition Facts
Veal Rib Chops

The Rib Chop is tender, needing a short cook time. Pan frying or grilling the rib chop is a great way to enjoy this cut.

Veal Rib Chops Nutrition Facts
Veal Stew Meat

Veal Stew Meat is the perfect cut for those flavorful slow cooked stews and casseroles

Veal Stew Meat Nutrition Facts

Take your Meal to the Next Level

Veal Osso Buco with Ribbon Pasta

Mediterranean Veal Tagine

Veal & Zuccini Lasagne